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Golden Charango - Naranjillo Wood
Golden Charango - Naranjillo Wood

Professional Charango made of naranjillo wood. It has decorations on the soundhole and the headstock. Naranjillo is a solid wood which provides stability to the instrument tolerating climate changes well.CHARACTERISTICS:
S... [More Information]


"Llajtamasi" Professional Charango - Naranjillo
"Llajtamasi" Professional Charango - Naranjillo

Soundbox: White Pine
Fingerboard: Jacaranda
Type of wood: Naranjillo
Soundhole: Round
Strings: Nylon
Tuning Pins: Metalic Material
Bridge: Bolivian Jacaranda and bone frets
Scale: 37
Tuning: The charango has five pairs (or c... [More Information]


Golden Charango - Jarca Wood
Golden Charango - Jarca Wood

Professional charango made of jarca wood with fine decorations on the soundhole and headstock. Jarca is a high density intense brown colored wood that assures the charango's durability.CHARACTERISTICS:
Soundbox: White Pin... [More Information]


Golden Charango - Andean Carving
Golden Charango - Andean Carving

Professional charango made of naranjillo wood with decorations on the soundboard and headstock. This charango displays on the back a carved andean face.CHARACTERISTICSSoundbox: White Pine
Fingerboard: Ebony
Type of woo... [More Information]

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