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Charango » Charangos by Luthier » Aruquipa
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Charango Manguerito Type - 37cm
Charango Manguerito Type - 37cm

This small professional pocket charango which measures only 37 cm is made by the Bolivian luthier Jesús Aruquipa. This instrument, aside from beign half of the size of the standard size charango presents seven strings arranged in five setting... [More Information]


"Aruquipa" Professional Charango - Chipa Wood
"Aruquipa" Professional Charango - Chipa Wood

Professional Charango manufactured by the recognized luthier Jesús Aruquipa. This charango, made of chipa wood, has a precise tuning. The soundhole has incrusted nacre as decoration and a nacre layer to protect the instrument.Char... [More Information]


"Aruquipa" Electric Concert Charango
"Aruquipa" Electric Concert Charango

Electric concert Charango made by the Bolivian luthier Jesus Aruquipa. Includes an ARTEC ASE-N system with the controls on the sound box. Made entirely of jacaranda with an ebony sound box, this instrument is of an excellend quality and soun... [More Information]

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