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Andean Begining Set - Professional charango & quena + soft cases + methods
Product code: INSMUA120
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Very important: This product will be manufactured by our artisans and will be shipped within 25 days after the purchase.
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The Quena is the perfect and harmonic complement of the charango. With both instruments you can play beautiful Andean melodies. We offer you this set that consist of:

Professional Charango made of Naranjillo WoodSound box: White spruce pine wood
Finger board: Jacaranda
Type of wood: Naranjillo
Sound hole: Round
Strings: NylonBridge: Bolivian jacaranda Boliviano and bone frets
Tuning: Mi
Frequency: 4. 40 Hz
Awayo Bag for Charango: Awayo Bag for Charango, compact and light, specially designed to protect your instrument or to carry it.
Master Charango Learning Method: Learning Method translated in: Spanish, English and French. With this method you will learn: Charango Review, introduction, playing System, beat system

Professional Quena in Jacaranda wood "Markama": Professional Quena guaranteed by professional Bolivian musicians.
Material: Jacaranda
Mouth piece: U form
Frequency: 4. 40
Tuning: Mi.
Awayo Cover for Quena: Awayo cover, light and compact, perfect to protect or carry your instrument. It comes in a bright colours combination in a fine awayo cloth.
Kena (Quechua - Aymará Heritance) Learning Method: Learning method translated in: Spanish, English and French. This Kena Learning Method includes a CD and a songs booklet with most popular Bolivian typical songs, such as: Ojos Azules, Llorando se fue, Cóndor Pasa
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With more than 20 years of experience, we are pioneers in selling Bolivian instruments all around the world. We have made a name for ourselves in the industry and we have sold our charangos to the best Latin musicians and composers. We are proud to say that we are the best marketplace with the largest variety of charangos and ronrocos for all types of players
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